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Whether you are seeking information for yourself, or for a loved one, Meridian At Home offers support in the journey to live an active, independent, and healthy life.  

At Meridian At Home, we understand the important role that being in your own home plays in the healing process. And we also know that you may need some professional support to get you back to functioning to your fullest and continuing with your daily routine. Whether you or a loved one needs to enlist the services of a visiting nurse or rehabilitation specialist, purchase or rent medical equipment, or simply help around the house, one call to Meridian At Home delivers New Jersey's most complete range of in-home personal assistance and health care solutions to keep you and your family living well and independent at home.   

Explore our resources to help guide and support you through this process:  

 "I Was Told I Had Only Six Months to Live.  Now it's 17 Years Later."

PreservingIndependence Robert Trapanese is living with congestive heart failure (CHF) comfortably at home with the help of Meridian At Home's IV Therapy program.