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Meridian Life Transitions - Safe at Home Memory Care Program

A Specialized Program for the Many Phases and Challenges of Memory Care from Diagnosis through Advanced Care

Meridian At Home, now part of the Hackensack Meridian Health family, has provided home health care services throughout central and southern New Jersey for over 30 years. Our new program, the first in the region, has teams trained and certified in an advanced "ability-focused" approach to caring for individuals with memory-related diagnoses. Our multidisciplinary program offers a single source of coordinated clinical and non-clinical services to assist both patients and caregivers, from the earliest stages of evaluation and diagnosis, through the many phases of memory care planning and management.

Our customized program is closely coordinated with your physician(s), and may include:
  • A comprehensive in-home evaluation by a specially-trained program coordinator, including a Dementia Program Screening Tool and Functional Assessment Staging Test (FAST
  • Formal assessment and recommendations for short- and long-term care needs
  • Coordination of benefits review and assistance
  • Care provided by staff trained and certified by a nationally-recognized organization
  • Home safety assessment
  • Ongoing status assessments and follow up to monitor changes and adjust the care plan and services, as needed
  • Sensory stimulation activities and therapies to engage and maintain the highest levels of cognitive capabilities
  • A caregiver self-assessment questionnaire with tools and strategies to manage stress
  • Extensive partnerships and relationships in the community, connecting local resources and support to both patient and caregiver

With Meridian At Home's Safe At Home Memory Care program, you are never alone. In collaboration with your physician(s), our goal is to provide an unparalleled level of integrative clinical, therapeutic, and emotional support and care every step of the way.

A Roadmap for Caring for Loved Ones with Memory-Related Diagnoses

Memory-related conditions are often progressive. An approach focused on maintaining continuity of care and communication relieves stress and frustration, and allows for monitoring even minor changes in memory or cognitive function. The

Safe At Home Memory Care program provides all that and more in the safe, comfortable, and familiar surroundings of the patient's home. Our program provides consistency of caregivers and a variety of care options while developing trusting relationships with patients and family members. The focus is always on maintaining the patient's best ability to function, and educating the patient and caregiver on supportive coping strategies.

Individuals with memory-related diagnoses often lose confidence, can begin to isolate themselves and withdraw, and feel that they are a burden to family and loved ones. Caregivers also experience their own stress in a new and unfamiliar role. The goal of our program is to bring a care team into your circle of resources that is dedicated to prolonging the engagement and active life of your loved one as much as possible.

About Meridian At Home Life Transitions

The Meridian At Home Life Transitions Program was launched in 2014 to provide complex short- or long-term care planning to families with an aging parent or spouse. The program also provides care management services for a loved one when there is no local family or support network. We offer a broad menu of services, including: assisting with a review of financial benefits; counseling and therapy; providing in-home care and coordinating medical appointments; home chores, transportation, shopping; and more.
Safe At Home Memory Care is an extension of the Life Transitions Program, developed to recognize that memory-related conditions and Alzheimer's disease are increasingly prevalent. Many patients and caregivers are expected to deal with memory-related care challenges in the years ahead.

About Meridian At Home

Meridian At Home is the region's most comprehensive home care services provider, including: skilled visiting nurses, rehabilitation services, certified home health aides, infusion services, private services, medical equipment and supplies (including oxygen and CPAP), in-home technologies, tele-health, palliative care, and hospice care.

Let Us Assist You

Please contact our program coordinator at 1-800-655-2555 to learn more about the program, and to schedule an evaluation and assessment.

Some services may be covered by insurance, retirement, VA, or other benefits plans, and others may incur out-of-pocket expenses depending on coverage.