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Meridian Life Transitions - Care Planning & Management

Managing care for a loved one during life’s most challenging journey.

“My mother would not accept any help in her home and kept going in and out of the hospital. If it weren’t for my Care Manager, my mother would never have returned home and stayed home — she and I are both happy and relieved…I can now go to work knowing she is safe”

~Daughter of a Life Transitions patient

What is Meridian Life Transitions?

Meridian Life Transitions assists patients and families in planning, coordinating, and managing care during medical crises or prolonged illness.
Our service care managers can provide guidance and insight:
  • When there are complex medical conditions
  • When transition to and between different medical facilities and home is needed
  • When making important decisions about the safety, care, and independence of yourself or a loved one

Our program offers solutions, knowledge, resources, and assistance during life’s most complex and ambiguous times. We know it can be overwhelming trying to make the right decisions about care planning for a spouse, mom or dad. That is why we’re here to help.

When Transitional Care Management Services can be Helpful

  • When the person lives alone
  • When informal local support or supervision is inadequate, missing or overwhelmed; which is especially true when the nearest relatives and family members live out-of-state
  • When there’s a severe health crisis requiring hospitalization or multiple hospitalizations
  • When there’s a need for help with understanding and managing medical benefits, claims, and financial assistance with everything from daily expenses to planning for transitional living arrangements
  • When there’s a need for multiple medical, therapeutic, assistance and support services
  • When there’s a need for connection to public assistance
  • When the family member has recently lost a significant other and may be experiencing bereavement or grief

Transitional Care Solutions Made Easy For You

The Meridian Life Transitions program includes all aspects of senior care management services under the supervision and coordination of an expert Care Manager including our care team of highly trained and experienced:
  • Registered Nurses (RN)
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW)
  • Certified Social Workers (CSW)
  • Case Managers

The Meridian Life Transitions program empowers individuals and families by improving their knowledge of health care services, enhancing their sense of security, and prolonging their independence.

Meridian Life Transitions Program Components

  • Care Management Solutions: assistance with chronic disease management, home care services, health care navigation, eldercare fall prevention, and crisis intervention.
  • Therapy/Counseling: one-on-one therapy support in dealing with concerns about life changes, illness, losses, loneliness, depression, and more.
  • Benefits Consultation: advice, coordination and financial review to determine entitlement eligibility.
  • Care Planning: Development of a Care Plan that provides recommendation for both short-term and long-term care needs.

Providing Peace of Mind

You and your family are never alone with the help of our tailored program and assistance to navigate life’s most complex and challenging moments and circumstances.

Get Started Today! Call 800-655-2555 to schedule a consultation* to assess the needs of your loved one. Once assessed, our team will develop an individual care plan tailored to your loved ones functional, medical, and emotional needs.

*Please call for additional information regarding program and service fees. Some services are covered by long-term care insurance plans, while others include out-of-pocket expenses.