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To learn more about the many volunteering opportunities Meridian Hospice can offer in Monmouth and Ocean counties, please call 732-751-3793 for more information.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." ~Winston Churchill

Hospice Volunteering At Meridian Health

As the largest provider of health care services in Monmouth and Ocean counties, Meridian Health, and our home care division, Meridian At Home, have a long tradition of working closely with the communities we serve to provide care and services wherever they are needed.

One of the most important aspects of helping our communities, neighbors, family and friends is the role that volunteers play in assisting patients and their families during their time of need.

At Meridian Hospice trained volunteers are important members of our interdisciplinary team. There are many ways volunteers can provide assistance, support, comfort, companionship, or simply help in small ways that make a big difference to patients and families dealing with life-limiting illness and disease.

Volunteers are an Integral Part of Our Care Team

Volunteers come to us from all walks of life, and one of the nice things about volunteering is that it allows individuals to bring their own life experience and special talents to their volunteer positions.

People choose to volunteer for many reasons:
  • Honor a loved one or family member
  • Get exposure and experience to consider a career in health care or as a caregiver
  • Socialize with and learn about people from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures
  • Obtain education and knowledge to be able to support a family member or friend who may be dealing with serious illness
  • Serve with a dedicated and caring team
  • Share special skills, talents, and passions with others
  • Give something back to the community
  • To make a difference!

“You are given the gift of their friendship at one of the most important times in their life. It broadens and enriches your life and underscores the sweetness and value of everyday. It is a privilege and opportunity to share this time with them!”
~Maureen Fitzhenry, Meridian Hospice Volunteer

Why Volunteer At Meridian At Home?

  • We provide comprehensive training for volunteers at flexible and convenient times.
  • Volunteering can be done at a patient’s home, hospital, care facility, or one of our offices. We match you with the setting and opportunity that suites you best.
  • We always identify the passion of the volunteer and use their personal skills and expertise to provide the best experience for both patient and volunteer.
  • Volunteers are always accompanied by a Volunteer Manager or tenured volunteer until they are comfortable.
  • Support groups and educational services are provided for volunteers throughout the year.
At Meridian At Home, we are uniquely committed to providing volunteers with training, support, guidance, and tools to make volunteers comfortable and assure that their experience is a good one.

“I love working with Meridian Hospice because my kindness and generosity is appreciated.”
~Rhonda, Meridian Hospice Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities

We work closely with our volunteers to identify the best ways for them to comfortably and confidently contribute and make a difference to patients and families.

There are many ways that volunteers can assist and comfort patients, directly or indirectly.

Hospice volunteers provide vital services such as:

Patient Contact: Often companionship and conversation can change and brighten a patient’s day. Volunteers enhance the quality of a patient’s life by providing companionship. It also gives respite for families by allowing them to take care of errands, appointments, or just have a cup of coffee.

Office Support: Providing clerical support by assisting with filing, mailings, and making calls from one of our office locations.

Bereavement Support: Bereavement support is provided to families for 13 months after the death of their loved one. Help the bereaved by making calls, assisting with support groups, or assist with our periodic memorial services.

Reiki Therapy: Reiki is the Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy. Reiki practitioners gently place their hands on the patient in a comforting way. For a Hospice patient Reiki can reduce stress and anxiety by bringing comfort to the terminally ill. Classes are offered throughout the year, free of charge to certify volunteers to perform Reiki.

Music Therapy: Music touches people’s spirits in different ways depending on the type and sound of the music. Our volunteers are trained in communicating with the patient and choosing just the right music to suit their needs. A love of music is the only requirement to be a music therapy volunteer. Training is provided.

Pet Therapy: Often during such difficult times patients have to give up their pets due to their inability to provide care for them. This program is a great way to give patients the exposure to the unconditional love a pet can provide without all of the difficulties of keeping one in the home. All pet therapy pets must provide documentation of being a certified pet therapy pet by a certifying agency. Pets must also provide documentation of appropriate vaccinations.

11th Hour: Based on the idea that no one should die alone, volunteers sit with patients in the last stages of dying until family arrives or the patient dies. Additional training is required to become an 11th hour volunteer.

Silver Spoons: Specially trained volunteers are matched with patients who may require additional assistance during meal times or just need some company at meal times.

How to get started?

To ensure the safety and security of our volunteers and patients each volunteer must:
  • Complete a volunteer application including a background check and drug screening.
  • Submit a health questionnaire and a health release form signed by a physician prior to volunteering.
  • Complete the Meridian Hospice volunteer training program. All required testing and training is done at no cost to the volunteer.

Get Started Today

Thank you for considering volunteering your time and opening your heart to patients and families. To learn more about the many volunteering opportunities Meridian Hospice can offer in Monmouth and Ocean counties, please call 732-751-3793 for more information or to get started.

“You matter to the last moment of your life, and we will do all we can, not only to help you die peacefully, but to help you live until you die.”
~Dame Cicely Saunders, founder of the modern hospice movement