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Qualified & Compassionate Hospice Team

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To learn more about hospice care and how we can customize our many services to meet your needs please contact Meridian At Home Hospice at 732-751-3750 or email us at  



Qualified & Compassionate Team

To learn more about our many services and how we can customize them to meet your needs, please feel free to call one of our advisors
at 1-800-655-2555 or contact us.

Joanne Dunn

Joanne Dunn
Social Worker
Meridian At Home Hospice

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Stacy Smerina

Stacy Smerina
Meridian At Home Hospice

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 When patients are facing a life-limiting illness, our caregivers provide pain relief, physical comfort, and emotional support.

Our team of highly qualified nurses and home health aides fully understand the needs of patient and their families, offering:

  • Highly-qualified, caring staff who are fully equipped to handle the physical and emotional needs of the patient and families.
  • Arrangement and delivery of all medical equipment, supplies, and medications related to the terminal illness.
  • Education about the illness, what to expect as the disease progresses, and how to cope with each phase.
  • Instruction to family members on how to help care for their loved one.
  • Regularly scheduled visits by a registered nurse who provides direct care, assessment and planning, implementation, and evaluation of all phases of the nursing continuum.
  • Assistance with all personal care needs by home health aides.
  • Access to an on-call nurse, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Short-term in-home continuous care when needed.

In the spirit of respecting and honoring all the cherished moments that make up every individuals life path, Meridian At Home Hospice provides a valuable option for improving the quality of life for people facing a life-limiting illness.


In addition to their team of highly qualified nurses and home health aides, Meridian At Home Hospice has a host of other team members, including social workers, chaplains, volunteers, and bereavement counselors who provide:

  • Emotional support and spiritual guidance in accordance with the belief system and wishes of the patient and family.
  • Social services and community resource referrals from medical social workers who evaluate the social and emotional factors caused by a particular illness and then appropriately address them.
  • Additional support and assistance by a wonderful group of volunteers who are specially trained to comfort and help hospice patients.
  • Bereavement services, including individual and group grief counseling, and year-long follow-up support and assistance in the form of personal calls, visits, written correspondence, and memorial services planning.