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Meridian At Home Hospice Bereavement services include the planning of memorial services with the following excerpts coming from passages read by chaplains of Meridian.

Grief is a long process whose fury often reveals itself weeks or months after the death.

Grief takes unexpected paths, leading us in directions that don’t seem to make sense and leading us to places we never expected to see.

Moments of respite enable the mourner to rest, breathe deeply, enjoy the beauty of life, and regain some strength for the next leg of the journey.

Everyone in the family is grieving, one way or another. Denying and stuffing our emotions doesn’t help anyone. It is better in the long run to let the grief run its course, allow the tears to flow, let any anger eddy and swirl until it works itself out.

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Rivers of Grief

Red Sky at Morning

I Stand In Awe...