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Rehabilitation Services


Exceptional Rehabilitation Services


To learn more about our many services and how we can customize them to meet your needs, please feel free to call one of our advisors
at 1-800-655-2555 or contact us.

When recovering at home, you may be in need of rehabilitative therapy. Meridian At Home has a team of highly skilled professional therapists who work to improve movement and function for people of all ages with orthopedic, neurological, musculoskeletal, pulmonary, and cardiovascular concerns.

Our Rehabilitative Services include:

  • Physical Therapy

    Meridian At Home's licensed physical therapists promote healing, improved movement and function. They help relieve pain for patients of all ages and help to achieve maximum function and safety in their home. Our therapists work with a variety of orthopedic, neurological, musculoskeletal, pulmonary, and cardiovascular conditions.

    Meridian At Home offers a Home Orthopedic Program - Gold Standard that is available within 24 hours after leaving the hospital. Our home rehabilitation team works with your orthopedic surgeon to develop a customized plan of care that helps reduce the risk of hospital readmission and ultimately results in better and faster recovery for the patient.
       - Total hip replacement
       - Total knee replacement
       - Total joint revision
       - Other orthopedic surgeries

  • Occupational Therapy

    Our licensed occupational therapists treat a variety of developmental, physical, emotional, and social issues. They enable our patients to achieve their highest level of function in their home to perform their activities of daily living.

  • Speech & Language Pathology

    Specially trained in speech and swallowing disorders, our speech pathologists assist patients in regaining the ability to produce and understand speech, as well as swallowing assessment, training and skill acquisition. They treat a variety of impairments associated with neurological conditions (including head injury and strokes), hearing loss, head and neck surgery, and developmental disorders.


Services for all Ages

Our rehabilitation services at home are not limited to one particular age group. Our Pediatric Care offers family-centered care within your own home using a plan coordinated by your child's pediatrician and a registered nurse. Those plans are executed at home and then followed by team meetings with parents and caregivers (when needed) to answer any questions and modify treatment goals.