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Meridian Care On Call Now

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For more information on how you can receive Meridian Care on Call Now as a complimentary service for 60 days, please call 800-655-2555.

Meridian Care On Call Now - 24/7 wireless care assistance, emergency response, and medical alert technology

As part of every patient discharge plan, Meridian At Home provides Meridian Care On Call Now, a service allowing patients to connect to Meridian At Home anytime, day or night. Patients have access to an in-home 24/7 nurse call button, which provides solutions to all questions and concerns post discharge. Meridian Care On Call Now is a technology-based solution designed to keep patients a button push away from assistance with all their health care needs and beyond. To assist with a successful transition from the hospital to home, patients receive the device on a complimentary basis for sixty (60) days. Following the complimentary period, patients will have the option to retain the unit at a low monthly rate.

What is Meridian Care On Call Now?

• It’s an “in-home call button” providing a 24/7 connection, placing patients in touch with a Care Center to triage their request and provide them with the right care at the right time in the comfort of their home.
• The standard pendant is a large easy to push portable button the patient may carry with them from bedroom to bathroom. However the patient may choose to wear the traditional waterproof button as either a pendant or a wristband.
• When the button is pressed, there will be a 45 second period in which the unit will connect to the Care Center. This gives the patient time to push “cancel” if the button push was accidental.
• Once connected, the patient speaks with the Care Center via the hands free function of the unit.
• The Care Center speaks with the patient and asks if he/she needs assistance. Next steps are taken based on his/her response and established protocols, up to and including the dispatch of emergency services.

What are the Benefits of Meridian Care On Call Now?

• 24/7 nurse assistance for medical concerns
• 24/7 support with customized protocols for each patient
• Easier transition from the hospital to your home
• Button may be used for all situations, not just emergencies
• Added sense of security knowing 24/7 help is only a button push away
• Assistance scheduling physician visits
• Coordination of home care
• Contacts first responders and family members in the events of an emergency

Reasons to Press the Call Button

• Questions regarding your care
• Questions regarding your hospital discharge instructions
• If you do not feel well or have a change in your condition
• Questions regarding your medications or new prescriptions
• Questions regarding your next scheduled home visit
• Assistance with transportation
• To get connected with your first responders
• Emergency assistance
• For anything you need...Yes, anything!