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Preparing for a Visit from an Agency

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In order the get the best service out of your home health care agency there are some things you can do to prepare before a visit.

This information should be communicated both verbally and in writing to the agency and caregiver who will be caring for the patient:

  • Specific illness or injury, and signs of an emergency medical situation

  • Likes and dislikes such as preference for being addressed by first or last name

  • Medications currently taken, how often, what for

  • Other medical supply needs and/or care required

  • Behavioral or mental problems

  • Use of eye glasses, dentures, walking cane, wheelchair, etc.

  • Special nutritional needs or diet

  • Mobility, limitations with activities of daily living

  • Special clothing or shoes

  • How you and other family members can be contacted

  • ¬†When to lock up the apartment/house, where to find keys, how to use and set the burglar alarm

  • ¬†Where to find food, cooking utensils, serving items

  • Where to find cleaning supplies, light bulbs, flash light

  • Which family members or friends have permission to be in the apartment/house